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Scalable to process large volume of transactions, numerous merchants with multiple MID and multiple payment adapters for different payment modes.


Fraud Monitoring & Detection
Fraud Detection and prevention are important in reducing fraud losses. The payment gateway equipped with standard features and scalable to integrate with third party fraud monitoring and detection systems.


User Friendly Control Panel
The MPG comes with user friendly yet powerful tool that gives merchants to manage their account and settings and support mainstream business processes with various reports and tools.


The tokenization features allow to store sensitive card information. Merchants can initiate payment without submitting the full credit card information on the subsequent transactions.


Ease of Integration
The MPG can be easily integrated


Multiple Channel
Supports multiple channels such as Internet portals, bill payment systems, call Centres with IVR CC, self-service kiosks, sales office via IP terminals and multiple payment modes.


Multi Merchants
Supports multiple merchants and business units helping them to view, identify and manage transactions effectively in their system.


Payment Simulator
Payment Simulator allows testing complete payment transactions with card host in a 3D Secure environment.


Mobile Commerce Ready
Mobile Commerce Readiness with support for most smartphones and devices available in the market.