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About Us

Our company name is Verix Sdn Bhd and we offer a cutting edge Payment Gateway solution which can help enterprises to uplift their brand name, save cost on transaction fees and at the same time streamline their business with many features  such as multi-channel, multi-merchant, fraud control, scalability, secured-authentication and many others.

  • VerixPay meanings, Veri = (Verification) x = (Any) Pay = (Payment)
  • What is VerixPay Payment Gateway
    • A Malaysian Payment Gateway company that offers a wide range of payment processing services that enables any businesses to accept payment methods via mobile or web application on a single powerful platform. Whatever your business is, we got you covered!
  • How it works ?
    • Shopping in an e-commerce site with mobile app or web browser:-
      • Users browse products or services and choose what they desire
      • These products or services are then added into a shopping cart
      • The cart will be linked with VerixPay payment gateway
      • When the user checks out and pays either by credit or debit card or online banking, VerixPay sends the request to users’ issuing bank for verification and approval
      • In the perfect scenario, the bank sends back an approval code to complete the transaction